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Developer: Agecaf

Release date: Before August is over!

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Website: Coming soon...

Price: 10 USD, with significant discounts on launch week and regularly thereafter.


EternAlgoRhythm is a game where you tap up to 10 keys to the beat of procedurally generated, ever changing melodies. Every note you play corresponds to a note in the melody.

Whether you wish to relax, to learn, or to challenge yourself, you will find highly replayable tracks just for you!


So I've always wanted to make games. I've participated in game jams, but now, I have the opportunity to give making games full-time a shot.

So I decided to make a rhythm game. I've been playing around with the idea of making procedurally generated music for a while, so it's something I feel I have a good shot at, and any future game I make might benefit from having procedurally generated music.

This game is inspired by many things. Stepmania, Cytus and Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe are the rhythm games I've played the most. My own music writing is highly unfluenced by ZUN's and Yann Tiersen's.



@agecaf EternAlgoRhythm, a rhythm game I'm making! #rhythmgame#indiegame ♬ original sound - Agecaf


EternAlgoRhythm cover EternAlgoRhythm cover EternAlgoRhythm cover

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EternAlgoRhythm cover

About Agecaf

I'm Esteban Gomezllata Marmolejo, a mathematician and game developer obsessed with procedural generation. I'm Spanish-Mexican, use he/him pronouns, and currently live in the UK.

The correct way to pronounce "Agecaf" is to pronounce it differently every time.


Discord: agecaf

Reddit: u/Agecaf

Twitter: @agecaf


A game by Agecaf

Special thanks to my family, who's helping with playtesting!

This game is made using the Godot Engine.